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Starting Solids

Starting Solids Magnet Planner Pack

Starting Solids Magnet Planner Pack

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This pack is complete with all of the planning tools that you'll need when your little one starts solids including: 1x magnetic meal planner, 1x magnetic food tracker and 1x magnetic allergen tracker. See below for descriptions of each product.

 1. Magnetic Food Tracker

Our first foods tracker is here! Grab this compact A4 size tracker that magnets conveniently to the fridge and let us help you take off some of the “what should I feed my baby” stress! Our tracker gives you almost 100 foods for inspiration helping you think of meals and snacks for your little one with ease.

We know repeatedly introducing a wide variety of flavours and textures to our little ones in this starting solids phase can really help them to become a little more adventurous with foods in the later years! This tracker helps you stay on course and record 3 introductions of each food! It’s a little more adventurous than some on the market with a nice balance of all food groups. Some lists we have seen can be a little heavy on fruits and vegetables, and whilst these are wonderful nutritious foods, in the starting solids journey all food groups are important and we want to also put a heavy emphasis on high iron foods as well and unfortunately fruits and veggies tend to not be very high in iron so this tracker has a generous section for proteins to meet these needs!

2. Magnetic Meal Planner

Each day has a space to plan breakfast, lunch and dinner and below each of those (in the little pink box) you have a space to account for any special considerations needed for baby. i.e if you were planning poached eggs on toast for family breakfast in the space below you would write “scrambled for baby”. If you were planning beef stew and your little one was only 6 months old you could write “cut longer batons of vegetables” and so on. This helps you think about family meals and plan how you ca offer the same foods to baby.

At the bottom of the planner you have a section to write some snacks. We find the easiest way to do snacks is to plan a few foods to have on hand for the week and not overthink or over plan big elaborate snacks. You also have a section to write allergens to offer and new foods you want to offer. This is where we recommend starting your meal planning, pick the new foods and the allergens and then build your family meals around those!

This planner is a magnetic white board version slightly bigger than an A4 size (because nobody wants it to take up the whole fridge).

 3. Allergen Tracker Magnet

Introducing allergens is a common cause of concern for parents when starting solids! It can be incredibly confusing knowing how to offer all the allergens. Not anymore now that the Starting Solids Australia allergen tracker is here!

There’s a few reasons tracking allergen introductions is a really good idea:
- It helps you keep track of exposures so you can build to a bigger serving size next time;
- Reactions don't always occur on the first introduction so tracking 3 initial introductions gives you more peace of mind;
- It gives you a place to record any reactions and discuss with your medical team and overall tracking and monitoring can help give you more confidence!

Our compact A5 size allergen tracker gives you all 9 allergen foods and a list of easy ways to introduce each food. The tracker magnets to the fridge and has 3 columns to track 3 seperate exposures where you can write what you offered and record any reactions or symptoms your little may have!

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