About us

Hi! I'm Brit, Founder of Feeding Fix and Speech Pathologist from Perth, WA. 

The idea for Feeding Fix was born while I was working in Country Western Austalia. Here, working alongside a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, I supported many families with their early feeding journey. 

As I'm sure lots of you would agree, many families found supporting their child through the transition to solids and beyond to be an overwhelming process. I would often get questions about which products I would recommend using at mealtimes, however, being situated so far from the city there were limitations in what my clients were able to access. 

My main goal was to create an online marketplace that could be accessed by all -  full of good quality products that would make mealtimes easier. I wanted to create a platform where every parent could feel confident to purchase from, knowing they'd made a decision that would positively influence their child's feeding journey. 

We launched in April 2023 so please join us as we continue to grow and add more fabulous products to our online range. 

Thank you for visiting, I hope you got your Feeding Fix!