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Starting Solids

Starting Solids Big Kid Silvie Set

Starting Solids Big Kid Silvie Set

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Introducing the Big Kid 3 piece Silvie Set! 

Starting Solids ‘Big Kid’ silverware has been purposefully designed for big kids with little hands. This silverware is the perfect stepping stone from our Toddler Silvies when your little one is ready for a knife but not quite ready for the larger sets on the market. This set come with a fork, knife and spoon.

Ideally suited for kids aged around 2-6. The handles are slightly thinner and longer than the Toddler Silvies to suit slightly bigger hands. The fork still features rounded tips for safety and resembles more of a spork to assist with learning to spike foods. The addition of the safety knife allows your little one to feel just like mum and dad and start practicing their knife skills by slicing some softer foods.

Made from stainless steel and 100% food-grade BPA free silicone handles, this silverware is designed to last the distance and will be enjoyed in your homes for many years to come.

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