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Nibble and Rest

Nibble and Rest Woodsi Footsi Footrest

Nibble and Rest Woodsi Footsi Footrest

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This very popular height adjustable footrest is designed to perfectly fit the IKEA 'Antilop', TARGET 'Snacka', KMART 'Prandium', BIG W 'Uno' and Mother’s Choice Breeze highchairs.

Having your feet grounded provides many positional and cognitive benefits. Starting out, foot support is important for bubs postural engagement and awareness during mealtimes. Kids are working hard on refining how they pick up their foods and bring them to their mouths, visually scanning what foods they have, not falling to one side or the other, chewing and swallowing their food appropriately, among many other things. When a highchair does not have a foot plate all of these skills can become increasingly more challenging. The Woodsi Footsi Footrest is the answer!

How does it work:
Our best selling bamboo highchair footrest is installed quickly and easily by o-rings underneath and above (if required) the bamboo footrest board. The o-rings can be installed at various heights on the chair to adjust the footrest to perfectly match where your child needs it to be. Our Nibble and Rest wooden footrest comes with thick o-rings. Installation guide:  

What Makes Woodsi Footsi™ Highchair Footrest Special?

  • Made from beautiful bamboo timber 8.5cm wide
  • Quality finished product, specific attention has been paid to smooth edges for comfy feet- check out our product pictures
  • Thick o-rings 
  • Suitable for the IKEA 'Antilop', TARGET 'Snacka', KMART 'Prandium', BIG W 'Uno' and Mother’s Choice Breeze 
  • Wipeable with a clean damp cloth
  • Our footrests don't require clamps

*Please also note all prices are for the Footrest as a standalone product, we do not sell the IKEA Antilop High chair.

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