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Nibble and Rest

Nibble and Rest Footsi Grow

Nibble and Rest Footsi Grow

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Support in any chair!

The Nibble & Rest Footsi Grow is a height adjustable children’s footrest. The first of its kind worldwide, this footrest has been designed for children aged 3 to 9 years old. The product has been created with the intention of allowing your child to thrive at any task at hand while sitting at a dining chair, desk chair or even bar stools by providing them fundamental foot support.

Does your child refuse to sit at the dining table? OR Do they get up from their chair after a few bites and run around? Rather than an aversion to food it could be that your child is uncomfortable in their seating position. 

Parents, try sitting at your kitchen table and lifting your feet completely off the ground. Keep your feet lifted and try eating something chewy or hard, such as a bagel or steak. Notice how you feel. Are your core muscles engaged? Do you feel fatigued? Has your appetite changed? Could you eat with your feet lifted to eat for a full 20 minutes?

This is how children may feel when they are eating with their feet dangling. They must use their core muscles to stabilise, which causes them to get easily fatigued and eat less food during the meal. The recommended seating position for a child is sitting with their hips, knees, and ankles all bent at 90 degrees. Adding the Footsi Grow ™ will reduce fatigue at mealtime, improve attention, and decrease the risk of choking. 

We also wonder why kids can’t sit still and concentrate on their homework when studying on our standard desks at home. If they are dangling their feet while completing their homework it may be causing short attention spans and distractions. The simple & sleek design means the Footsi Grow™ can neatly fit under your child’s study desk and can be easily transported back and forth between rooms for use with multiple tasks (eating and studying).

Achieving the recommended seating position:

  • Ages 0-3 we recommend using our Woodsi Footsi with a compatible highchair

  • Ages 3-4 we recommend using the Footsi Grow ™ in addition to your choice of booster seat

  • Ages 5-9 we recommend using the Footsi Grow ™ until your child’s feet can be supported by the ground

Benefits included:

  • Provides security and comfort for your child while sitting at the dining table

  • Adjustable height to support you child as they grow (Age range 3-9 years old)

  • Allows child to sit upright with stability

  • Allows child's feet to be positioned 90 degrees from their legs

  • Encourages improved concentration on tasks while seated (e.g., eating, schoolwork)

  • Allows for better hand to mouth co-ordination

Features included:

  • The simple patented design of the Footsi Grow™, a 3-piece flat pack with no screws, bolts, or nails, means it can be easily assembled in under 1- minute.

  • Sleek design to suit any decor

  • Flat pack design which is easy to store or travel with

  • Footrest lock in feature

  • Rubber grip feet for added stability

  • Materials: Rubberwood, ABS

  • Dimensions: 33cm L x 35cm W x 37cm H 

  • Weight 2.8kg

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