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Nibble and Rest

Nibble and Rest First Foods Tracker

Nibble and Rest First Foods Tracker

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Starting solids is amazing fun but also a lot of work! What food should I serve today? What did my baby like yesterday? Was it sweet potato or carrot that was the safe food?

It is important to make sure your child is exposed to many different foods and the first foods tracker is here to help! 

This Food Tracker is a large fridge magnet so that you can keep track of your baby's food journey easily in the kitchen when planning your next meal (also - it's super pretty!)

The Nibble and Rest Food Tracker lists the most common foods to try with your baby. You'll see that it's full of suggestions for nutritious foods to serve your child - from fruits and veggies, to grains, dairy and proteins.


  • Each food has 5 "check boxes" next to it, so as you serve it to your baby, you can check off one of the boxes. 

  • Black and red magnetic markers are included so you can log if the food was a hit or not with your baby. As it can take multiple exposures for a baby to decide if they like a certain food, this will help you track your attempts and serve as a reminder to be patient and keep trying. 

  • If there's any special notes, for example, reactions to certain foods you can mark them down in the "other notes" section.

  • Reusable for multiple children.


  • 1 black marker

  • 1 red marker

  • Full magnetic food tracker chart size: 25cm H by 35cm W


  • Please consult with you doctor or paediatric nutritionist about what age is appropriate to introduce certain foods.

  • Many paediatricians recommend waiting 3-5 days between trying each new food so if your baby develops any reaction, it will be easier to pinpoint the culprit.

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