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Grabease Self-Feeding Fork and Spoon Set - Stage 2

Grabease Self-Feeding Fork and Spoon Set - Stage 2

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Make self-feeding easier with the Grabease baby-sized self-feeding fork and spoon set. Perfect for those independent feeders. Easy to use for babies and toddlers from 6 months.

The ergonomic tear-drop handle allows your baby to grip easily. This makes the bowl-to-mouth action super easy as rotational wrist movement isn't necessary.

Voted 2021’s best baby cutlery in Australia by MyChild Magazine readers, the Grabease baby spoon and fork set is perfect for independent babies who love to explore and ‘do it myself’! The hard plastic gives the right structure when spearing with the fork or scooping with a spoon.

Use your baby cutlery at the table, or highchair or take on-the-go. Ideally, keep a couple of sets on hand to help with spoon swapping at mealtimes.

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